Monday, March 9, 2009

Demolition Man

In our home learning tends to occur 24/7/365, and more often than not, our children learn many practical skills that are outside the scope of a traditional school program. This week was no exception.

The whole thing actually started yesterday as I was peeling wallpaper off the kitchen wall. Trevor joined in and scraped right along side.

After scraping for a while, we came across a small hole in the wall, so we decided to make it bigger.

Trevor really enjoyed the prospect of knocking down a wall, so today we decided he could go ahead and knock the whole thing down.
As he was working, Trevor repeatedly shouted, "Let's tear it down!" in his best rumbly voice. He informed me that he got this phrase from his new favorite show - Trick My Truck.

Trevor hammered and demolished to his heart's content. After knocking down the plaster, he started talking about knocking down the chimney that was hidden behind the wall. I had to chuckle when I heard Charles say, "Don't worry Trevor, I won't knock down the chimney without you." I wondered how many other eight year olds hear their dad say a phrase like that.

Today Trevor learned to safely take down a wall. On a future day he plans to help us put the new walls up. I wonder how many other children can list wall demolition and kitchen remodelling among the skills they learned in the third grade.