Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'll Learn It Then

Recently, ds1 and I were filling in his progress report, per a state requirement. I explained the three possible "grades." Each topic (decimals, research skills, oral reading, etc.) could receive one of the following marks: S for satisfactory, P for progress noted, N for needs improvement. I explained that N did not mean that he was lacking in any way. It simply meant that he has not been exposed to that topic. He was not appeased by this explanation, and the following dialogue ensued:

ds1: Why do I have to learn what I need to learn? Why can't I just learn what I want to learn?

me: What happens when you grow up and find out you need to know something you didn't learn?

ds1: I'll learn it then.


This is how I know this life without school is working for him. He really gets it. He learns what he wants to learn when he wants to learn it, either because he is interested in the information, or he needs that knowledge at the moment. Most importantly, he is aware that when he needs to know something he is fully capable of learning what needs to be learned.

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