Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living and Learning Together

This month, like so many others before, is speeding by. September has been a great month full of many quiet moments and fun adventures.

Trevor pulled out a pin map, and we spent one afternoon attempting to label Australia and Oceania.

We gave up when we got to the tiny islands.

Abby tried to figure out how to play Bakugan.

Trevor created a new use for the Lord of the Rings Risk pieces.

Apparently television remotes make excellent fortress walls when accompanied by a plastic volcano.

Charles and Abby bonded over a game of Strawberry Shortcake.
"Can you get that key, Daddy?"

Charles and Trevor attended a cookie decorating funshop at the Live and Learn Conference.

Abby explored the creek at the Blue Ridge Assembly. It was a lot of fun to watch leaves and twigs float down the mini waterfalls.

Trevor made some new friends.

Toby helped the younger kiddos smash bananas for nitrogen ice cream.

Abby somehow managed to fall asleep in the gaming room at Live and Learn.

Imagine four different groups of people all playing Rock Band at the same time. Throw in a couple of laptops running various video games and several groups of kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh!
Oh to be three...

Abby and her friend, Carmella, preformed their version of a play. It was something about a princess and a maraca playing dragon, but the play was greatly lacking in dialogue so I was never able to actually figure out the plot.

Trevor looked out across the Blue Ridge Mountains from the top of Chimney Rock.

I experienced a few nervous moments as Charles helped Abby walk along a wall on the edge of a mountain. It's scenes like this that show what a really great dad he is. Instead of tearing the kids down with "No", he empowers them by helping them do dangerous things more safely.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Trevor experienced a real waterfall for the first time.

Not to be outdone, Toby also made a trek to the base of the waterfall.


coolmetric said...

In response to your email.... I like both styles. How's that for a definitive answer. :) I am actually not being indecisive here. I see value in both formats. I think you should post the picture posts (as this one) when you don't have a lot of information to put out and use the straight text when conveying technical content. I also think, a mix of both would work well in some instances. Keep the posts coming. I greatly enjoy them. Love the pic of Abby's nap.

Anonymous said...

I, too, like both styles. This one works well to document a trip, event, etc. However, I would greatly miss the thoughtful, insightful, comments on a topic that you write out as well. You give me great ammo in my fight against adult tyranny in schools. I'd miss getting fresh supplies.

So, I guess I'm saying, do both, depending on what you've been doing and what info you want to convey. And give Charles a kiss for me, for being so willing to let his kids walk on the wild side!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the pictures, however, my computer wouldn't configure properly and the text going with them was all over the place and sometimes covered up!

I got the gist...