Monday, December 29, 2008

Baking Cookies at Midnight

Sometimes it's brownies at 11 pm. Sometimes it's cookies at midnight. Sometimes it's chocolate milk at 1 am. Sometimes it's a sandwich at two. Sometimes I'm so tired I just don't think I have anything left to give, but I manage to dig down deep for the energy to do that one more thing I need to do for them before I go to sleep.

Life wasn't always like this. Once upon a time I would have told them it was too late, and they should have eaten more of their dinner. Then I heard Dianna Jenner's story. A couple of years ago her daughter, Hannah was diagnosed with cancer. A few days later, she was dead.

Anytime I have to clean up one more toy, wipe up one more spill, fix one more sandwich, I think of Dianna. She would give anything to be able to clean up one more mess or fix one more sandwich at 2 am. I realize how lucky I am to have that paint spilled all over the floor and those crumbs on the couch. It just means I have children in my life. I don't have to clean their messes - I get to clean them.

If I were to find myself standing in Dianna's shoes, would it matter how polite and well behaved my children were? What would I miss? What would I regret? I have a feeling I'd miss baking cookies at midnight.

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coolmetric said...

Though I sometimes think I would do some things a bit different; it is never that much of a difference. Then when I read an entry such as this one I am confident of one thing. Your way is probably better than mine in those small differences. Why? Very simple answer really. As simple as the story you relate in this blog. Simply get it!

I have never forgotten a short piece by Erma Bombeck that I read years ago. I do not remember it all and would not try to recite it if I thought I did but one thought will convey the gist of the article.
"I spend less time cleaning my house and more time enjoying the people who come to it."

You have learned at a very young age what most of us learn to late in life. It is one of the "other" lessons the Lord trys to teach us through his writings in the Bible. The most important lesson, of course, is the main one. We are sinners. We must be saved. Christ is the only way. Everyone exposed to the teachings knows that to some degree. But many fail to realize that through his Word the Lord also teaches us how to live. The way he does that is by teaching us what we should things we should consider important in life. By your lives I see that you and Charles learned that early; and your children are blessed because of you have.

I, like most, learned later in life and you and your brother suffered for my lack of knowledge. It is my hope that you have both forgiven me. Your chilhoods should have been so much better.

I just had an epiphany. (is that the right word?) I just realized that we tell ourselves (we slower learners) that the reason we treat our grandchildren so much better, and have so much fun with them, is because we do not have the responsiblity for raising them. The truth is, we realize what we did wrong and are trying to make up for it.

Keep writing. Your blog is a lesson to others if they would just take to time to read it and think.

Love, Dad